Beijing Zhishang Consulting Company is China's leading quality improvement and online learning provider.
    Beijing Zhishang Company mainly provide the service of quality improvement and E-learning product to improve the quality level of manufacture enterprises. The mission of Zhishang Company is improving the quality of products, reducing costs, reduce claims and increasing profits.

    Beijing Zhishang Company has good communication and exchange with many large mainframe factory. Zhishang Company can understand the needs of the plant and hand the accurate solution to the customer.

    Chairman speech:
    In today's knowledge economy era, the competition of enterprises is often reflected in the competition of learning ability and quality ability. Therefore, the goal of the company is improving the learning ability of enterprise employees, the ability to work and excellence in performance.

    In the rise of the road of many powerful countries , quality is always an important aspect of competitive advantage. To achieve the goal of quality power is our common responsibility. Make customers satisfied and Making Chinese enterprises improvement!

Yaoshan Wang
Chairmen of Beijing Zhishang Company
Professor of Tsinghua University
Past associate derpartment head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University.